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Biohoney Clover Honey

In addition to our range of high-quality mānuka honey products, Biohoney also produces and stocks premium, natural New Zealand clover honey. Clover honey is extremely popular due to its delicate, sweet flavour produced by white clover honey bees that collect nectar from the clover plant. Widely adored by honey enthusiasts as a dietary product, Biohoney clover honey also boasts several important health benefits.

Due to its antibacterial properties and the thick texture, clover honey can help heal wounds and treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The potassium, iron, copper and vitamin C in the honey also accelerate the healing process. White clover honey like other types of honey is rich in antioxidants, which helps your body to fight the damage caused by free radicals. In fact, it can help in the battle against many diseases, such as heart, liver, and inflammatory disease.

Biohoney stocks three types of natural clover honey to please every taste buds and needs:

  • Organic Clover Honey – Harvested from clover flowers in spray-free and chemical-free pastures in the deep south of New Zealand, this honey offers a sweet, herbal dry grass taste.
  • Clover Honey – White clover honey bees from the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island bring to you the best of clover honey. This honey is delicious when spread across toast, drizzled on top of desserts, or enjoyed it straight from the bottle.
  • Raw Clover Honeycomb – Make sure you don’t miss out on our Master’s Beekeeper’s favourite Raw Clover Honeycomb, which comes directly from the beehive. It looks lighter than the usual supermarket shelf clover honey but tastes even better! Why? Because it does not have preservatives nor has it been pasteurised.
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  • Clover Honey

    Clover Honey

    This honey is sourced from clover flowers growing in pasture on the east coast of the South Island. The hot, dry summers of this region…

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    Organic Clover Honey

    Organic Clover Honey

    This classic honey is created from the organic clover flowers of South Canterbury region of the South Island. A delicate flavoured honey.

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  • RAW Clover Honeycomb

    RAW Clover Honeycomb

    The New Zealand RAW Honey Co. brings you RAW honey straight from the hive. For us this means the bare minimum of processing, single batch, never blended and not heated beyond natural hive temperatures.

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