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What is Clover Honey?

Clover honey has been gaining popularity in New Zealand due to its delicate, sweet flavour. It is a white to pale gold liquid, made by white clover honey bees that collect nectar from the clover plant. Although it is widely adored by honey enthusiasts as every day dietary, it is not the only reason why it is so popular.

Nutrition, Uses and Benefits of White Clover Honey

Did you know clover honey consists of not only natural sugar but also a small number of vitamins and minerals too? Thus, making this mildly sweet honey ideal for many different applications and uses. The health benefits include:

  • Healing benefits
  • Antioxidants
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Treat sore throat and coughs
  • Anti-ageing
  • Maintain cholesterol levels
  • Enhance bowel movements and digestion system
  • Add as a natural sweetener in cooking

Healing Benefits:

Due to its antibacterial properties and the thick texture, clover honey can help heal wounds and treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The potassium, iron, copper and vitamin C in the honey also accelerate the healing process.


White clover honey like other types of honey is rich in antioxidants, which helps your body to fight the damage caused by free radicals. In fact, it can help in the battle against many diseases, such as heart, liver, and inflammatory disease.

Regulate Blood Pressure

Take one to two teaspoons of clover honey daily can assist in lowering the blood pressure. However, if you have diabetes, you need to check with your doctor about intakes of honey.

Treat Sore Throat and Coughs

Mix a spoonful of white clover honey with water and add some lemon juice to ease the coughs, soothe throats and thin the mucus.


The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties found in clover honey can help reduce the ageing effects of swollen cells.

Maintain Cholesterol Levels

Raw clover honey helps to remove bad cholesterol. It also prevents atherosclerosis caused by abnormal cholesterol accumulation in blood vessels. Try the RAW Clover Honeycomb to see the results yourself.

Enhance Bowel Movement and Digestion System

Clover honey has a prebiotic effect on your digestion system and can help to enhance bowel movement.

Add as a Natural Sweetener in Cooking

You can add clover honey to sweeten tea, coffee and desserts, especially when you have children who like sweet food. People who are recovering from illness or are on strict diets can also consume honey to prevent bacterial infections.

What clover honey does Biohoney stock?

We stock three types of clover honey to please every taste buds and needs:

  • Organic Clover Honey – Harvested from clover flowers in spray-free and chemical-free pastures in the deep south of New Zealand, this honey offers a sweet, herbal dry grass taste.
  • Clover Honey – White clover honey bees from the east coast of the South Island bring to you the best of clover honey. This honey is delicious when spread across the toast, drizzle on top of desserts or enjoy it straight from the bottle.
  • RAW Clover Honeycomb – Make sure you don’t miss out Master’s Beekeeper’s favourite Raw Clover Honeycomb, which comes exclusively from the beehive. It looks lighter than the usual supermarket shelf clover honey but tastes greater! Why? Because it does not have preservatives nor have been pasteurised.
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