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The Biohoney Ethos

Biohoney is an innovative, family owned company based in Nelson at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. We are true bee guardians. We value bees and the vital part they play in the natural ecosystem. We do not and will never test our products on animals. When you purchase Biohoney products you can be sure that we have carefully selected the most natural, sustainable, and ethically sound ingredients available.

Family-Focussed Sustainable Beekeeping

Kia ora, I’m Terry Bone, the founder and director of Biohoney. This company emerged through combining my passion for beekeeping with my love of New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. Our company and family take pride in building deeply personal and trusting relationships with master beekeepers throughout New Zealand, sourcing only the best quality honey for our products in a sustainable and ethical way.

Every season I travel throughout the South Island meeting with family beekeepers, some of whom I have known for several decades. The people we at Biohoney choose to work with are often second or third generation beekeepers who prioritise bees over profit. We recognise these people as master beekeepers and have registered a Master Beekeeper logo and trademark which acknowledges their specialised skill and craft.

Honey bees producing New Zealand Manuka honey

Naturally Crafted to the Highest Quality

All Biohoney mānuka and clover honey is sourced exclusively from New Zealand’s South Island. This isolated landmass is characterised by mountains, bush and is sparsely populated, a perfect habitat for bees and the source of the world’s purest honey.

Mānuka honey is unique to New Zealand’s wonderful natural environment and is made exclusively from the nectar of indigenous mānuka flowers. It contains unique compounds not found in other honey. In fact, some of these unique biomarkers now form the criteria of tests set out to tell pure mānuka apart from lesser variants of honey.

Here at Biohoney, all our mānuka honey has been independently tested to ensure purity: that they meet our stringent requirements for high MGO levels. Our Mānuka honey UMF is tested to determine its Unique Mānuka Factor. Those bright, beautiful MGO rating numbers on each of our jars of honey are your proof that you’re getting a pure, high-quality, natural ingredient.

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