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Biohoney Ethos

Kia ora, my name is Terry Bone – the founder and director of Biohoney. I love beekeeping and I love the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. I have brought these two passions together to create Biohoney.

Biohoney is an innovative, family owned company based in Nelson at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. We are true bee guardians. We value bees and the vital part they play in the ecosystem. We do not and will never test our products on animals. When you purchase Biohoney products you can be sure that we have carefully selected the most natural and ethically sound ingredients available. Our goal is to make effective and safe natural products in a most ethical and sustainable way.

Humans and bees are now interdependent for survival. This is a complex issue but the basics are that we need bees for pollination and, for the time being, bees need humans in order to survive against pests like Varroa. In an ideal world, commerce would not need to be a part of this but for the foreseeable future it is vital that we pay and empower those who raise and care for bees.

Our company and whanau take pride and care to build deeply personal and trusting relationships with old school beekeepers. The people we choose to work with are often second or third generation beekeepers who hold old knowledge and prioritise bees over profit. We recognise these people as master beekeepers and have registered a Master Beekeeper logo and trademark which acknowledges their specialised skill and craft.

Booming sales means we need more honey than we can provide from our own hives so every season I travel through the South Island meeting with family beekeepers. Some of these I have been visiting for 15 years and they have become old friends.

All Biohoney Edible honey products are sourced exclusively from the South Island of New Zealand. This isolated landmass is characterised by mountains, bush and is sparsely populated. A perfect habitat for bees and the source of the world’s purest honey. Each Biohoney product is carefully selected by honey expert Terry Bone. A respected innovator of honey products for more than a decade. It’s not unusual for one batch of Biohoney honey to be selected from 20-30 samples.

Biohoney Natural Skincare products maintain the same values as our highly popular and trusted edible range. Carefully crafted with an abundance of the healing properties and age-defying vitality of natural and organic ingredients. Biohoney Natural Skincare products contain the best of the honey bee and New Zealand nature. Experience Biohoney Natural Skincare for naturally healthier and more radiant skin.

All Biohoney products are made in New Zealand and contain no artificial fragrances, colourants, mineral oils, parabens or silicones. I am so proud of our range of natural skincare. Some of these are certified organic. No nasty synthetic chemicals. And they all have a healthy dose of high activity Manuka honey.

Biohoney is a name you can trust. We are a family business, we are not a big corporation. I love what I do and stand behind all of our products

Terry Bone

The People behind Biohoney


  • Terry is a competitive open water swimmer, winning gold in his age group nationally for the last three years (and silver the year before – his first full year of national competition).
  • Terry also has Crohn’s disease. This and intensive swim training are hard on his body and he is really interested in food and natural health.
  • Swimming and bees take most of his time, but he unwinds in the kitchen. He loves preparing food from scratch – sourdough bread, pizza bases and sauces, pestos and jams, soft cheeses, fruit gins, energy balls, handmade lentil pies etc. Dehydrated fruit is his latest interest.
  • Terry landscaped the backyard of the cottage building terraced vegetable gardens, planting what fruit trees he could in the small space and sourcing reclaimed landscaping items (such as farm-gates from a South Island sheep station and old railway sleepers from the West Coast). He also built his own outdoor pizza oven.
  • Terry also really loves trees. He is currently developing a section of regenerating native trees at Lake Rotoiti. He is planting additional natives on the land and plans to build a simple two-bedroom cabin there next year.
  • Friends refer to Terry as ‘Honeyman.’

Choosing a Biohoney or New Zealand RAW Honey product supports the holistic guardianship of bees.

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