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Blue Borage Honey Glass

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Size: 100ml (130g)


Product Description:

This honey is produced from Blue Borage flowers on the Molesworth station in the Kaikoura ranges. This countryside is characterised by rugged mountains covered in tussock and divided by pristine blue streams. This honey has a delicate and unique flavour sure to be enjoyed by all.

Packed in eco-friendly, glass. The perfect gift.


Biohoney Blue Borage honey, another family favourite, is usually liquid when first packed and gradually crystallises in time.

Biohoney Blue Borage honey is harvested from the stunning Molesworth Station in the Kaikoura Ranges. This area is characterised by rugged, tussock covered mountains and crystal clear streams.

Add to hot drinks or baking.

Biohoney honey is packed just as it is collected from the hive without any blending.

Biohoney Blue Borage has a lovely sweet, herbal butterscotch flavour.


Enjoy a spoonful or more by mouth, or as a spread.

Storage – Store below 20 Degrees


Honey should not be given to infants under 12 months of age.


100% South Island, NZ Honey.

No added sugar. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


Great honey Review by MG74

Absolutely delicious. Would buy again.

(Posted on 23/04/18)


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