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Manuka Honey Skincare

Biohoney® Skincare is an extension of the highly popular Biohoney® brand. The word Bio means life and nature, the essence of which is represented by our new range of premium pure New Zealand Manuka honey based skincare products. With an abundance of the healing properties and age-defying vitality of pure, natural and organic ingredients, Biohoney® Skincare contains the best of New Zealand nature.

Biohoney® Baby builds on Biohoney’s popular beauty range. Fragrance and palm oil free, this Manuka honey based baby range is formulated with only pure organic and natural ingredients to care for baby’s most delicate and sensitive skin. Each Biohoney baby product includes Manuka honey MG 300+ for its unique properties and enriching plant extracts and oils to help protect your baby’s skin from irritation and promote healthier skin and hair, naturally.

All Biohoney® Skincare products are made in New Zealand and are suitable for most skin types. They contain no artificial colours or fragrances, mineral oils or parabens.

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